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Randy VanderVeen

The methods of hinge cutting trees for bedding cover, deer trails, screens, and barriers are all different. And since you can't uncut a tree, many landowners are not sure how to get started.

If you need someone to do this for you, or work with you so you can learn all the inside tricks of the trade while getting the work done on your property, then contact me and we'll make some beautiful noise in your woods.

I specialize in creating buck and doe bedding areas by hinge cutting trees, creating cover, clearing the ground, and providing entry and exit routes for deer. Creating traps, pinch points, and ambush sites with hinge cut travel corridors, barriers and screening is always a fun part of the work.

A full day of this work on your property is 1400/day. You are welcome to work with me in order to learn the ins and outs of habitat improvement and even invite a hunting partner or two so you can move forward with confidence long after I'm gone.

But even then, you can contact me with questions later that are sure to come up as your property progresses.

Phone: 616-560-7488

Email: randy@seemorebucks.com

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