Habitat Planning and Consulting

You want more predictable daytime buck movement during the whole hunting season. That means giving bucks what they want and need to feel safe enough to move around on your property during daylight hours.

Great food plots is only a small part of the big picture recipe needed for a great hunting property year after year. I'll create a detailed habitat plan that will maximize your property's ability to attract and hold bucks and so you can access and hunt strategic stands locations undetected.

      On-Site Property Visits and Plans

My travel area for visiting properties is from the Great Plains to the East Coast. Anywhere whitetails roam.

On-site visits and detailed habitat plans start with a review of your property on the phone so you can get me up to speed about your property and your challenges.

Here's what a consultation looks like:
- I'll do a complete scouting of your property with you while marking locations for treestands, food plots, pinch points, bedding areas, etc. 

- I'll film a lot of our scouting for later reference when creating the plan.

- During our walk I'll ask you a lot of questions about your goals, hunting style and methods, hunting party, neighbors, etc so I can review it later with the audio.

- Within a couple weeks you'll have a detailed habitat plan and hunting strategy which we will review together online via Zoom to get all your questions answered.

- Several PDFs with step-by-step instructions, priority list, planting food plots and screens, resource guide with lots of links to everything you need for moving your habitat forward.

- You'll get a digital copy via email and a printed laminated copy will follow in the mail.

- Access to me via email, text, and phone calls for as long as you need my help as you work on the property.

Price is based on property size and type: $1800 - $2300 plus travel.

Ag fields do not figure into the size/price, but are included in the plan.

If you simply want me to scout your property with you to point out how deer are using it and to markup an aerial map with ideal stand locations and where different habitat features should be added or enhanced, that price is $900 - $1200 plus travel.

Virtual Habitat Plans

If your property is outside of my travel area, I can still create a detailed habitat plan for you. This requires a little more legwork on your part such as gathering several ground level photos or video at different points of the property. The more photos and/or video you provide, the better and more detailed of a plan you'll receive.

Your photos or videos can be uploaded to my Dropbox account, or you can upload video to your own YouTube account as an "Unlisted" video, or simply send your SD card to me in the mail.

Within a few weeks I'll send you a completed habitat plan laminated on heavy stock paper for your in-the-field use and a digital copy via email. We'll use the screen sharing program again to go over the whole plan and to get all your questions answered. This is recorded into a video for you to review later as much as you want so you won't have to take any notes.

You'll also receive a detailed resource guide with videos, info links and PDFs to speed up your learning curve and help you implement the plan faster. Also you'll receive lifetime access to our private online video library of 100+ habitat improvement videos and hunting setups. No one else offers this much value with on-going training of how-to habitat improvements and hunting strategies.

Price is based on property size and type: $600 - $800

Ag fields do not figure into the size/price, but are included in the plan.

Phone: 616-560-7488

Email: randy@seemorebucks.com

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