Habitat Planning
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You want more predictable daytime buck movement during the whole hunting season. That means giving bucks what they want and need to feel safe enough to move around on your property during daylight hours.

Great food plots is only a small part of the big picture recipe needed for a great hunting property year after year. I'll walk your property with you to create a detailed habitat plan that will maximize your property's ability to attract and hold bucks while you access and hunt strategic stands locations undetected.  Continue Reading...

Property Services

The methods of hinge cutting trees for bedding cover, deer trails, screens, and barriers are all different. And since you can't uncut a tree, many landowners are not sure how to get started. ​

​If you need someone to do this for you, or work with you so you can learn all the inside tricks of the trade while getting the work done on your property, then contact me and we'll make some beautiful noise in your woods.

​There's never enough hours in a day nor days in the off-season to get all your habitat work done. ​​For my list of services...Continue here

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