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4 How-to Tips For Hiding Your Trailcams From Deer and Thieves

​If you'd like to spook-proof your trailcams from deer and make them invisible to thieves with sticky fingers, it's really pretty simple.

So the first thing you need to do to make your trailcams invisible is to use cameras with black flash instead of the clear infared LED bulbs.

Mature bucks in high hunting pressured areas have seen and smelled dozens of trailcams in the woods in their lifetime and associate bright smelly cameras to human scent. And once that happens, those bucks will shy away from those areas for weeks at a time.

So whether you have infared or black flash cameras, it's usually best to mount them about 8'-10' up a tree out of the reach of a buck's nose and above the line of sight of every deer that walks by. It's easy to do, just by using three screw-in treesteps or one section of climbing sticks that you always keep in your vehicle.

Another change worth considering is using video mode. The amount of information you can learn about deer movement and behavior differences between young and small bucks is well worth a few extra batteries.

Which brings us to the last tip.....scent control!

​The last few years I've been eliminating the fabric strap that comes with every camera and replacing it with a homemade swivel mount made with parts from the hardware store for about $3. Fabric straps absorb odors and smell worse than the cameras.

​In order to reduce the scent you leave in the area, wear scent-free rubber boots and clean out a path to and from the tree so you can return without brushing up against any vegetation especially just before and during the hunting season.

So there you have it.

If you're in high-hunting pressured areas you'll no longer have deer starring at your cameras. They'll be ​totally unaware of ​them and you may even get pictures of sticky fingered thieves leaving empty handed and disappointed.